FAN ART REVOLVER OCELOT "SHALASHASKA" Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain #MGSV #MGSVTPP #NakedSnake #RevolverOcelot #Shalashaska #AdamShalashaska #ThePhantomPain #MetalGearSolidV #DiamondDogs

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Metal Gear Solid- Revolver Ocelot (aka Shalashaska for his notorious torture schemes) during this time serves in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan but also works secretly with Big Boss to help recreate his private military. His real name is Adam. He is also recognized for his gun slinging skills adopted from the West and his excellent mastery of his side arm. In the trailer, he is training others to take on his Legacy.

Revolver Ocelot

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Venom Snake, The Punished Snake (MGS), Big Boss (MGS), Naked Snake, Metal Gear, mgs, Metal Gear Solid,, fandom, Revolver Ocelot, Boss (MGS), The Sorrow (MGS), Metal Gear Art, Metal Gear Solid

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