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World pagan 'Propaganda' Campaigns are Christ's opponent greatest weapons to attack the human mind for soul captivity; Using all world sources & show props therefrom for hits of health issues & soul captivity. 'Propaganda' is utilsed by his dupes 'in' & 'out' of the pagan religion domain, ascribed to spiritual debts issues in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 Nothing changes with the passage of time with world delusions, only the means of opportunities to abuse therefrom; Social media is one such…

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Write A Hit Song In 3 Easy Steps By Guitar Theory Revolution                                                                                                                                                      More

Write Your Own Song - The 6 BEST Tools For The Beginner

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Apocalypse now: Russian artist transforms real-life photographs to show how cities might look after the end of the world

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BBC - BBC Arts - The Modern Face of Syria: Imranovi's art of war - “The new Syria has only one face to show to the world.”

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The Arts and Crafts Movement is designated to fight the industrial revolution and bring forth a new quality of style. These rabbits, one about to enter a gentleman's fight, show the different gradients and textures associated with this movement.

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A Look at the Museum of the Future

There’s a revolution afoot inside museums as technology—in the form of cheaper screens, miniaturized mechanics and increased computing power—sparks experiments in exhibit design. From virtual reality to 4-D films, here’s what to expect.

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