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I don't remember exactly which calculator I first had but it was very much like this and my "big" Christmas present in mid 1970s this is the HP-35 Calculator from 1972. Look at the cost! It is still my favourite calculator of all time. Great keyboard, and used Reverse Polish notation logic for entry, which seemed so logical.


Superdecade Games: Reverse Polish Notation Calculator

Superdecade Games Reverse Polish Notation Calculator

HP 48GX by Hewlett Packard. I bought this in early 1992. I've been using it for 22 years. The ENTER button became loose in its position. I've since placed an order for the HP 50G. It should be in my grubby hands tomorrow. Can't wait!!! The 48GX will be nicely retired to my collection of the HP 11C I used after high school.

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The HP-15C Calculator Scientific Calculator was an RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator that was popular with engineers back in the '80s, and it was manufactured from 1981 through 1989. It was a programmable calculator that had built-in support for complex numbers, matrix math, numeric integration, and root solving. It's small size (5” x 3.15”) allowed it to be carried in a shirt pocket.

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Convert infix to prefix notation C++/C# implementation (shunting yard method)

Suppose we wanted to convert a mathematical expression like 3^4+(11-(3*2))/2 into a reverse polish notation expression to evaluate the answer. This is called an infix expression. To convert it(to b...