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Reverse Osmosis Process

from Water Energy Matters

Desalination, part II: A (relatively) short primer on the technology

Although the illustration shows the desalination system for a reverse osmosis process, the key elements are largely the same for all desalination methods. (Image courtesy of OnEarth Magazine)

Avista Technologies will be exhibiting, presenting and hosting a special event at the AWWA/AMTA 2014 Membrane Technology Conference and Exposition. The conference will showcase how membrane technology can enhance water reliability and water quality while also revealing new directions in water treatment technologies.

59 Clifton National Window Cleaning vehicles are equipped with water treatment systems that produce pure water. A water softening resin is used to remove the positive ions and a reverse osmosis unit is used to remove the negative ions. After this process, the water is devoid of any minerals meaning that the glass is left smear free.

Love this gummy bear lab for studying osmosis. And, if your curriculum doesn't include osmosis, it's just a great exploration of the scientific method!