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Reveal Thesaurus’s Word of the Day - parapraxis - Psychology. a slip of the tongue or pen, forgetfulness, misplac...


The thesaurus might equate "disabled" with synonyms like "useless" and "mutilated," but ground-breaking runner Aimee Mullins is out to redefine the word. Defying these associations, she shows how adversity -- in her case, being born without shinbones -- actually opens the door for human potential.


If writing the Positive Trait & Negative Trait Thesaurus books have taught me anything, it is that compelling characters are neither good nor bad, perfect or fundamentally flawed. Instead, they are all of these things. Each has a set of … Continue reading →

Roman cameo glass,1st century B.C. The present example was made in two stages: the general shape was first blown, casing the layer of one colour over another; the outer layer of white glass was then cut away and carved with the help of a cutting wheel and hand tools which further cut, faceted, scraped, ground and polished, revealing the contrasting blue layer which in turn was also worked, 14 cm high. George Ortiz collection

2 Brain's 'thesaurus' mapped to help decode inner thoughts