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Years of wear and tear, injury, or poor care can hurt the look and function of your teeth. Dr. Lopez Driscoll and her team change lives every day through restorative dentistry. Rejuvenate your smile today!

The partial denture is important once the teeth have been removed in order to preserve the bone and to keep existing teeth from tilting and growing in toward the gaps.

All about crowns

All about crowns

All about crowns

Root canal therapy can treat advanced tooth decay, helping you avoid the need for extraction. - Kansas City Restorative Dentist - John P. Goodman, DDS


Dental crowns are natural colored tooth-shaped restorations that can perform both cosmetic and restorative functions - Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist, John P. Goodman, DDS

Dental implants are titanium posts designed to replace lost tooth roots, a permanent solution to missing teeth to regain a strong and beautiful smile - Restorative Dentist, John P. Goodman, DDS

A dental bridge can fill a gap left by missing teeth, restoring your appearance and oral function. Dental bridges are solutions for missing teeth to provide a strong supported and beautiful smile. - Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist in Kansas City, John P. Goodman, DDS

If you don't floss, you miss cleaning 35% of the tooth surface. Please don't skip flossing because you think just brushing is enough!


Dentures can replace all or most of your teeth. We offer several types of dentures to restore your smile, enhance your dental function, and support your facial contours. - Cosmetic Dentist - John P. Goodman, DDS