Rest days are important. But I don't know whether I will have time to do all this whilst I'm doing all the chores I didn't do whilst working out!

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Turn your rest days into active recovery and maximize your body's repair with this 19-minute yoga essential flow. Take deep breaths to increase blood flow, and lengthen your muscles and tendons to increase your body's mobility and flexibility.

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@beyjess12 // Rest days are important in any workout or fitness plan! Take them correctly and feel your body recover.

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Fitness Matters #164: You know you're hooked when taking a rest day takes more discipline than working out.

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Need a way to waste time on rest day? Hit play on these running–focused documentaries and you’ll get your miles in, even if you don’t complete them yourself. 9 Must-Watch Running Documentaries

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So True: per fellow pinner: It can be hard to say no when I really DO want to go and do something, but I know my body and some days the fun isn't worth paying the price for / some days I just can't / life with lupus / chronic illness

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Welcome to the 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout – Jillian Michael’s fast-paced fitness ab-shredding routine that will chisel your midsection and burn off up to 5 POUNDS A WEEK! the best results do this workout 5 times per week with 2 rest days to allow your body to recover, and grow stronger. Forget boring sit-ups! Stick with this workout routine and you will see dramatic results in just 6 weeks! #weightloss #workoutforwomen #muffintop #bellyfat

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