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But everyone thinks religion, politics (pretty much another religion) and wealth are needed. Lol. Getting rid of all of these things means accepting personal accountability and responsibility and nobody wants to put in that kind of effort for themselves or the rest of humanity.

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Animals are not here for us, but are here WITH us. Come and check out us on

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This 10 minute workout for women will trim inches from your torso, build your upper-body strength, and also build the muscles in the back and shoulders that are responsible for perfect posture. Find a couple of dumbbells (or cans of soup) around your house and get to it!

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“Most people fail, not because of lack of desire, but, because of lack of commitment.” ~Vince Lombardi

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Rust in peace: Haunting pictures of the Belgian 'car graveyard' where U.S. soldiers hid beautiful vintage motors after WWII

Rust in peace: Haunting pictures of the Belgian 'car graveyard' where U.S…

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Pinterest: eighthhorcruxx. Hiram College - Students who minor in environmental studies should begin by taking Humans and the Environment and other core and correlative requirements.

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How to be a happier person. Happiness starts within remember you’re responsible for your own happiness. You are in control.You can either decide you want to be a happier person all the time or a grumpy person. How to be a happier person can be contributed by things you, say, think and so forth. So what if you changed some of the things you do and did them a little bit to be happy

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What a great idea! Assign an ‘Ask Me’ assistant for each table or group so that you can get on without disruptions during small group time. Thanks to Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes for the idea! HELPHELPERINDEPENDENT LEARNINGQUESTIONS

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