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Reseeding Lawn

from The Family Handyman

Lawns: How to Reseed

Lawn redo- start by getting sample and killing grass (when your growing more weeds than grass)


Learn the best times and methods to reseed your lawn. Reseeding is a quick and cheap way to bring your lawn back to its lush green and healthy self.

Tips for Reseeding Your Lawn in the Fall. Last spring, the HH and I reseeded our grass.  We chose to do it in the spring, because as you know, we were trying to sell our house and wanted to put our best foot forward.  The best time to reseed your lawn, though, is actually in the fall.  The... sell your house


Lawn seeding is not just for patchy or thin grass but to choke out crabgrass and other weeds. Reseeding an entire lawn is easiest to finish in the fall when these weeds go into dormancy.

This is amazing. I have wanted to throw wild flower seeds in my yard's bare patches for years but was too scared. What was I scared of? This is beauty au naturel!


Replace weed-filled lawn from ground up: Ask the Ground Crew

from Western Garden Centers

How To Reseed Bare Patches in a Lawn

Do you have bare patches in your lawn? Check out these easy steps for reseeding your grass!