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Any questions???. If only we could elect politicians with this world view.


R-Okla. Jim inhofe denies climate change. He is the chairman for environmental committee. He is a senator. Proving don't have to be smart to be on the Senate.


VIDEO Randy Connally, Managing Director Northcote - - #NCT

"In the end anti-black, anti-female, and all forms of discrimination are equivalent to the same thing: anti-humanism." --Shirley Chisholm

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Eric Wolfson on

Senate GOP voted Unanimously AGAINST Equal Pay for Women! VOTE the WOMEN HATING GOP OUT in NOV!


Senate Republicans fiddle while world warms: Our view

The rate of ice loss in the Arctic is staggering. Since 1979, the volume of summer Arctic sea ice has declined by more than 80% and accelerating faster than scientists believed it would, or even could melt.

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Lindsey Graham: Why I am not backing Donald Trump

Lindsey Graham: Why I am not backing Donald Trump. Donald Trump's judgment and temperament are his biggest problems, says Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

Where was the Uproar and Investigation when 47 Treasonous Republican Senators sent a letter to Iran to Sabotage President Obama? (I blame Democrats for not pouncing) Republicans are so full of Hypocrisy BS it's Sickening!! DON'T BE DISTRACTED BY THIS EMAIL S**T!! PAY ATTENTION!!!

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Michelle Obama's SOU outfit worn by TV wife of disgraced politician

Obama just put the GOP in the spotlight and dared them to live the kind of life they're forcing their constituents to live. Otherwise, they need to raise the minimum wage. Walk the walk or shut the hell up and do something!!!

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'Very weak': Donald Trump blasts Republican senator Jeff Flake

With 64 days to the election, the Republican nominee’s attack on the senator from the swing state of Arizona is a risky strategy