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England's 20 worst learner drivers have attempted the practical test more than 700 times between them, it emerges.

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The Democrat Party Is In Trouble - 24 hours before they knew that Trump had won, they were discussing what to do about the 2018 mid-terms. Republicans are poised to capture even more seats as – in their eyes – President Clinton's polling numbers would be dropping.

If there's anything that can get Republicans to act as a check on him, it's awful polls.

Republican Governors Association executive director Phil Cox said Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have turned around negative poll numbers over the past two years, and noted that Kasich currently leads FitzGerald by 8 to 10 points in most polls.

WASHINGTON -- Attitudes toward the Affordable Care Act continue to shift in the law’s favor, even in Republican-held congressional districts, a new poll set to be released Monday by a Democratic firm will show. The poll, which was conducted...

Drink recipe: “The Emergency Manager” – a thank you to Laura Conaway and Rachel Maddow | Eclectablog

The Koch Brothers Group spent $122M in 2012, in their efforts to "buy" our elected leaders, (funds that could otherwise be used to pay their taxes)! Since "affordability" doesn't seem to be the issue, what is the issue then? Could it be hate?

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Warren's image has seen some improvement in the last month. She has a +8 net favorability at 51/43, up 5 points from last month when she was at 46/43. That reverses the trend of her numbers falling in every poll we'd done this year up until now. Again the difference is Democrats becoming more enthusiastic about her. She's gone from a 75/16 spread with them last month now up to an 81/12 one.

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