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What an incredible difference! Republicans are ready to wreck the earth for…

Republican Party Platforms: Republican Party Platform of 1980

Sounds like the Republican platform.--- <<< and coming to a parliament near you ...


Liberals are getting nostalgic about the 1950s Republican agenda -- at least judging by the social media meme several readers recently sent us. The meme, created by the group Occupy Democrats, summarized a few planks from the 1956 Republican Party platform, followed by the wistful comment,

donkey and elephant over American flag

The republican party is the political arm of corporate America. Vast amounts of money are used to persuade the gullible to vote against their own best interests.


Do we fear that radicalized Muslims will do unto us what our Christian ancestors did to Native Americans.?

from The Daily Signal

GOP Seeks to Ditch IRS Law on Church Political Speech

The IRS has almost never fully enforced the Johnson Amendment, which the new Republican Party platform calls for getting rid of.

I will NEVER vote for ANYONE who's not for EVERYONE!!!


Republican party platform bans gay marriage, shame on them, god bless them to learn to love all people especially LGBT's