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"Maybe Rick "Death" Perry + the IDIOTS that voted him back into office will be able to pray in some new drinking water!!! The non-stupid people of Texas pray for a governor with a triple-digit IQ. While you’re waiting to see how that works out for the citizens of West Texas, take some time to watch this interview with Antonia Juhasz, an oil and energy analyst, author, and journalist."

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Because uneducated people are easier to control. Thanks to Americans Against The Republican Party and Being Liberal for sharing this. Our Political Revolution Is At Hand ...Join Us ...Support Bernie Sanders 2016 President Of The People ByThe People By The People For The People !!! A Future To Believe In !!! #FeelTheBern #NotMeUs Thank You Bernie and Jane !!!

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Can you imagine someone in say, North Dakota saying stuff like this about Canadians? Being any shade of brown in the south is and has always been, dangerous.

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If the workers qualify for food stamps your tax dollars support them...that doesn't cost the 1% a dime because they don't pay taxes. This is why Republicans won't raise the minimum wage, but have convinced their ignorant base to hate the poor for using the assistance Republicans force them to use !

Louie Gohmert, Asshole of the Day for August 21, 2014 ...This coming from possibly the only Republican as mindlessly stupid as Michelle Bachmann !

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Dan Patrick, Asshole of the Day for August 7, 2014 by TeaPartyCat (Follow @TeaPartyCat) Gay marriage bans continue to be struck down in the ...

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I am SO sick of people spouting noise about the USA being the best. Best healthcare? Best ecologically? Best educationally? Best governmentally? Maybe that was once true. Maybe it was never true. But it sure isn't true now. Our country is using blinders and it's time to take them off.

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VOTE OUT GOP!!! Was Republican until about 6 years ago. Now Independent. The Grand Old Party isn't grand any more. Intransigent, uncooperative, bull-headed and in the way... the USA will do fine without them. They could have cooperated, thought, been reasonable but NO! For the good of the country toss them OUT!

Louisiana State to Draft Insolvency Plan as Jindal Cuts Loom

shortfall in the coming fiscal year, a result of both plunging oil-tax revenue and the state’s failure to enact adequate tax increases or spending cuts after the economic downturn in 2009. Corporate Taxes Jindal, a potential Republican candidate for the presidency, has proposed higher-education funding cuts of more than $200 million and trimming tax credits to bring in more revenue. If the legislature doesn’t approve the tax changes, the university system may face as much as $608 million in…

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Get Involved » Republican Party of Texas #RPT #GOP #RED

Jason Thigpen A few weeks ago Texas Republican Judge Carlo R. Key decided to leave the Republicans Party. He pulled no ...

Protesters greet Clinton outside fundraiser at Dallas mansion

PEANUT GALLERY: The Republican Party of Texas brought protesters – and a gift-wrapped computer server

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What The Republican Party Of Texas Officially Says About Homosexuality


"I am a Republican because I believe in opportunity, free enterprise, and strong family values such as traditional marriage and the sanctity of life. I favor an education system which ensures that every young Texan, regardless of where they live, can achieve their dreams. The Republican Party offers a home for those who still believe that with faith, hard work, and determination the American Dream is possible." - Texas Rep. Scott Turner

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