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"Maybe Rick "Death" Perry + the IDIOTS that voted him back into office will be able to pray in some new drinking water!!! The non-stupid people of Texas pray for a governor with a triple-digit IQ. While you’re waiting to see how that works out for the citizens of West Texas, take some time to watch this interview with Antonia Juhasz, an oil and energy analyst, author, and journalist."

from BBC News

'Republican cuts kill': Advert politicises Ebola

You want 2 more years of a stalled government? Or do you want us to start getting things done? VOTE DEMOCRAT in November!

from Mail Online

Protesters greet Clinton outside fundraiser at Dallas mansion

PEANUT GALLERY: The Republican Party of Texas brought protesters – and a gift-wrapped computer server

Trump Took Clinton's Deplorable Bait And Is Now Destroying His Own Campaign

Can you imagine someone in say, North Dakota saying stuff like this about Canadians? Being any shade of brown in the south is and has always been, dangerous.


Republican policies at work, proving that they DON'T work!

Change sometimes comes one person at a time :: Ex-GOP Judge.