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Penny Ball to Repel Slugs - Trying this often pinned solution at


Alliums- Helps repel slugs, aphids, carrot flies, cabbage worms and other pests. Companion plant for carrots, fruit trees, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers.

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Slug-repelling Copper Bands

These copper bands are one of the best, non-harmful slug repellants around. Slugs and snails hate copper because it causes a harmless electric shock-like reaction when they come into contact with it, so they crawl away. Bend them into rings and push them into the soil at the base of your plant.


sprays all the plants citrus juice and garlic. The citrus kills off aphids, while the garlic repels slugs, and discourages any aphids from crawling back again. Here’s how to make it: Ingredients 2 large lemons 3 cloves of garlic 1 tablespoon of crushed chillis 1.2 litres of boiling water


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Naturally Repel Slugs Here’s the fast simple recipe: 1/2 tsp. Cedarwood Essential Oil 1/2 tsp. Hyssop Essential Oil 1/2 tsp. Pine Essential Oil 1 cup of water Spray the mixture directly at slugs, as well as around the areas where you want to keep slugs from

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How to Make A Penny Bowling Ball

who knew: pennies in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue.


Each time you crack an egg open, instead of tossing the shell into the trash, drop it into an open container that you keep in the fridge. When the container is full, crush the shells into small bits and sprinkle them around the base of your plants. The sharp eggshells will deter slugs, snails, and other bugs from nibbling on your garden and add a touch of calcium to the soil.

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7 Natural Ways To Protect Your Garden From Snails and Slugs

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Slug and snail deterrent ~~ Don’t dump out that last bit of coffee that you didn’t finish, throw it in a spray bottle and spray your plants to naturally deter slugs and snails. Also, you can make a slug “fence” around the garden with the grounds. This is a double bonus because as the coffee grounds deter slugs, they are also a great addition to soil and earthworms love them!