In this activity, students will practice converting fractions to decimals, including repeating decimals and mixed numbers, while they create a colorful masterpiece! Students will color a mandala with the colors indicated according to their answer. The final product creates a beautiful, eye-catching mandala that serves as excellent classroom decor!

The Math Dude : How to Convert Repeating Decimals to Fractions, Part 2 :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™

In this cooperative matching game, students will practice converting between repeating decimals and fractions. There are some non-repeating pairs mixed in to ensure students can distinguish between fractions that correspond with terminating decimals versus repeating decimals. Included: -24 matching cards -Follow-up worksheet -Answer Keys -Teacher's Guide with CCSS, objectives, materials, and procedure

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Students need to compare fractions, decimals and percents, and plot rational numbers on a number line.This all starts with converting fractions to decimals! Recognizing common fraction and decimal equivalents and understanding terminating and repeating decimals are requisite skills.In this sorting activity, students cut out 16 sorting cards.

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Converting Decimals to Fractions Worksheet54 items (2 pages)Convert each terminating decimal to a fraction.Writing Repeating Decimals Using Bar NotationConvert each repeating decimal to a fraction.Convert each repeating decimal to a fraction.I use this worksheet for classwork or for extra creditEnjoy

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