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THE MARI LWYD (in Welsh, Y Fari Lwyd) is one of the strangest and most ancient of a number of customs with which people in Glamorgan and Gwent used to mark the passing of the darkest days of midwinter.the tradition involves the arrival of the horse and its party at the door of the house or pub, where they sing several introductory verses.challenges and insults in rhyme. At the end of the battlethe Mari party enters with another song.


African Art* I thought this artist beautiful work could best represent the face of real life African(American) Edward Mozingo-An Angolan Warrior captured during the Portuguese-Angolan Colonial Wars (14th-20th). Edward Mozingo became one, if not the first, African indenture in Colonial English America to fight in court for his freedom, and win. His descendants are of multi-ethnic backgrounds. * art not a rendering of Edward Mozingo


Pict with Drinking Horn This 9th century warrior of the Pictish tribe drinks from an eagle, the ancient symbol of power.  From Invergowrie, Scotland and now in the Museum of Scotland, it is an unusually droll carving, certainly a caricature, perhaps in the category of the Scandinavian insult stones, which were carved as an artistic and bloodless "thumbing of the nose" to a perceived insult.  It is the earliest artistic rendering of drinking on Scottish stones.


Celtic Dice Set......Oooomg! I made inappropriate noises at this.......I neeed these in my life!


It is said in Greek mythology that the ravens feathers use to be white, but the god Apollo turned them to black because the raven couldn't keep secrets.