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How to Remove Bleach Stains From Clothes - using alcohol to spread color into bleached areas is a great idea


Removal of bleach stains from a carpet can prove difficult, but you can restore color to the area with a kid's crayon that matches the original fiber color as closely as possible. Learn a fascinating industry "secret" in this free video on carpet cleaning. Expert: John Mickel Contact: Bio: John Mickel owns Dynamic Car...

How to Restore Stained and Yellowed Linens

"How to Restore Stained and Yellowed Linens" WHAT I DID: 1c. Baking Soda, 1 c. Regular Salt in the largest pot that came with my set (5 qt I think?) filled with water about 4 inches below the rim. The linens I tried it on were MASSIVELY dirty (picked up at a "bag" sale, figured saving them was worth a try) so I changed the water after about 6 hours each time and restarted the process 3 times. They're now beautiful & perfectly white (and essentially restored antique handwork napkins!).