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11 more Poppy crafts for Remembrance Day

11 more Poppy crafts for Remembrance Day. Remember the fallen with these fab kids poppy craft, which are perfect for remembrance day, memorial day and Armistice day.

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Pyrrha Nikos (has anyone else noticed that her death looks like a combo between ruby's rose petals and a spartans death by forerunner weapons (halo)?

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In pictures: The poppies at the Tower of London

L-R Chelsea Pensioner, Yeoman of the Guard and Grenadier Guard amongst the poppy installation at the Tower of London commemorating the fallen of WWI

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Bodnant Gardens - The Dell,Convy,Wales

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Kiwi war veteran's ANZAC tattoo is a social media hit around the globe

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28 Totally Relatable Quotes About Books

Firestar, Holleyleaf, Ferncloud, cinderpelt, spottedleaf, silverstream, feathertail, stonefur, stormfur, foxleap, whitestorm, yellowfang, snowfur, Bluestar, sagewhiskers, snadgorse, tallstar, lepordstar, ceadarstar, blackstar, fallen leaves, tribe cats, and so many more that can't be put in my description!

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mr-veils-appreciation-society: “ stars remember stars above below before the coldest hunting ground then called !seduced! !ensnared! a symbiote afloat our everhungry home nestled nested now in cedars cast down the benighted i will be their dragon...

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Now there r dread doctors and Scott's pack has fallen apart and this beast thingy is about to destroy them all....take me back

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World War One realities pictured: 30 emotive images

A British sentry cuts a lonely picture as he stands at his post at sunrise in France, March 1915

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The Lochnagar Crater in Somme, France is a privately owned crater made during World War I. It was purchased by Richard Dunning in 1978 with the aim of preserving the site.

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