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Religion was something in our family that I grew up with. We went to church, we prayed, we believed in God. However these days in the US this is a big thing that people want to tiptoe around. By making this such a taboo thing, it stops people who do have a strong religious background from feeling like they are welcome or feeling like they belong.

I chose this picture because while being funny, it actually has a ring of truth to it. There are so many people up in arms about religion not being in school. It makes me wonder how many of those same people would feel as strong if the religion was not Christian based.


Here's another diagram of beliefs about the afterlife and rituals performed concerning the afterlife for a few more religions. Rituals for death tend to be very important to religious groups, and sometimes decide the location or quality of that person's afterlife.

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Using a Prayer Bear in the Classroom

Using a Prayer Bear in the Classroom Do you teach in a religious school? Or maybe lead Sunday school or a religious education classroom each week? I have a fun freebie for you! I use Prayer Bear in my Catholic religious formation class each week with my first graders. Each week a new student takes Prayer Bear home and gets to spend time praying with him. A binder travels with him that includes prayer prompts and a week at a glance of what they did with Prayer Bear each day. I have all the…


World of Religion - Well designed infographic depicting the demographic breakdown of the World's religions. With the visual depiction, its interesting to see the sizes of Sunni vs Shiite Muslims, atheists, and wiccans. The diminishing circles of #Christian groups is equally fascinating.


What is a ciborium? Discover the different items used at the altar during Mass in this infographic! This Catholic teaching tool is perfect for catechism classes, religious education, RCIA, bible study and more!


Have student wrinkle up the paper heart (not tearing it) and then try to flatten it out. Discuss how words or actions can harm a heart and take time to heal.... Good first week of school activity.