Relay Race Tic Tac Toe. You only have 3 items per team (there is never a cats game), so after the 1st three people go, the next people go and move one of their items to a new place. Lots of creative ways to switch this up (create obstacles, 3 legged races, crab walk over to it, etc)

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Kids pass the hoola hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of each other's hands. Fun for a birthday party.

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Planning the Perfect Kid-sized Olympic Celebration - Inspire Creativity, Reduce Chaos & Encourage Learning with Kids

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Each team is given a balloon. Players hop to the goal line with the balloon between their knees. They can then take the balloon from between their knees and run back to the team. If a child looses the ballon on the way to the goal line, it may be picked up. Have extra balloons on hand for those which get popped!

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