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Relative Pronouns List

Relative Pronouns and Relative Adverbs Partner Game Common Core Aligned from Tamelia's Teaching Treasures on - (12 pages) - This is a partner game to reinforce the Common Core Standard L.4.1a. It can be used for student pairs, small group, centers etc.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Grammar Crammer Pronoun Practice Bundle

This bundle covers every aspect of pronoun use. Included are nine activities that address different levels of learning.Here are the specifics: * Lists of pronouns: Pronouns are listed for student reference - personal, compound personal, indefinite, relative, demonstrative, and interrogative.* 10 sentences to practice finding pronouns and their antecedents. * 10 sentences to practice identifying vague antecedents and rewriting sentences to clarify pronouns.* 10 sentences to choose the correct…

from Lawless French

Ce dont and quoi - Indefinite Relative Pronouns - French Grammar

Ce dont - French indefinite relative pronoun