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Rudolph Reindeer Dust - How to make in cute reindeer cones. Kids sprinkle on their lawn Christmas Eve so Santa and the reindeer can find their way!

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How To Make Reindeer Food

Reindeer Dust is the perfect free printable for your students or your child's friends at school. This fun activity will make their Christmas magical. It is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students.

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Magic Reindeer Food: normally I don't go for stuff like this, but this has a cute little poem about sprinkling on your lawn so it will shine bright for reindeer to see and I know my boys would get a kick out of that!

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Personalised Reindeer Dust Corked Jar

Are you interested in our Children Festive Gift? With our Reindeer Dust you need look no further.

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