Reiki is an alternative healthcare practice, which was invented in Japan centuries ago. Reiki therapy comes with a lot of wellness benefits like soothing the beneficiary's body program, which in turn helps in releasing stress.

Most of us experience stress of some degree in our day to day lives and a big part of managing stress is exercise and nutrition. Digesting processed and sugary foods on a regular basis just loads extra stress onto our bodies so try to think about nourishing your body and giving it the tools to manage stress.

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Reiki Course:

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I am teaching a Reiki 1st degree this week and I thought while I was preparing my course notes that I would upload this. This is a spread sheet of all the hand postitions for self healing. I hope other people studying Reiki find this useful and if Clear your power system blockages with the 15 chakra aura therapeutic session and have more energy. -

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Free Online Reiki Course | Elemental Reiki (Formerly Element Energy Center) - Energy Healing * Reiki Attunements * Spirituality

Free Online Reiki Course | Elemental Chi Healing - Energy Healing * Reiki Attunements * Qigong

Reiki Courses are recognized by the Canadian Reiki Association. - Cedar Cove Wellness™

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When you intentionally divert your attention to gratitude# and appreciation you’re not only feeling better, You’re literally changing the content of your thoughts#, and, in so doing, you create the opportunity to change your reality ❤

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