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Fiddlehead ferns are full of phosphorus, which helps build & repair muscle, other tissues as well as structural component of cell membranes & bone. The fern is full of Omega 3 & 6 oils making them important for heart health & lowering blood pressure. Very high in vitamin A, essential for healthy vision, immune system function & regulation of gene expression. The combination of its powerful antioxidants paired with the heavy dose of omega 3 fats work together to prevent autoimmune diseases.


"X chromosome inactivation is most commonly studied in the context of female mammalian development, where it performs an essential role in dosage compensation. However, another form of X-inactivation takes place in the male, during spermatogenesis, as germ cells enter meiosis. This second form of X-inactivation, called meiotic sex chromosome inactivation (MSCI) has emerged as a novel paradigm for studying the epigenetic regulation of gene expression" (2007).

The regulation of gene expression is based on the sequence selective recognition of nucleic acids by a host of repressor, activator, and enhancer proteins. Selective external disruption or control of such processes has been a long standing goal of molecular biology, chemistry and medicine. Here you can use the Distamycin A Hydrochloride for the determination of DNA binding affinity and sequence selectivity applicable to such libraries to help you accelerate the discovery process.

Bio 101: Regulation of Gene Expression: Transcriptional Repression and Induction - Video. Great for HS Seniors or College 101 !! - Tutor: April Koch Certified Biology Teacher, M.Ed in the NC Triad & Triangle: She is great!!!


amostudies: finally getting started on revising biology: regulation of gene expression.


Pretty much what I've been studying all day. The Lac operon is actually a pretty interesting example of the regulation of gene expression.


How Genes are Regulated: Transcription Factors

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Scientists home in on origin of human, chimpanzee facial differences

A study of species-specific regulation of gene expression in chimps and humans has identified regions important in human facial development and variation.

Rethinking Telomeres— Not only do telomeres protect the ends of chromosomes, they also modulate gene expression over cells’ lifetimes

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Regulation of Gene Expression Notes Page w/ Numerous Visual Aides Included

Regulation of Gene Expression Notes Page: This is a well organized fill-in-the-blank notes page that thoroughly covers gene expression as a regulated process. I have created and included many images to help explain the complex content for your visual learners. Gene expression can be easily understood if the information is presented in a well organized way. This notes page along with the graphics included do just that. Visit for related activities and material.