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Reveal Fingerprints Using Super Glue

Spiral Patterns in Nature and in History, the spiritual world didn't disappear just because technology arrived

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Seahorse Tattoo concept. Line drawing. Linear. Sketchy tat design. Ink. Pen and pencil.

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Mad about Grey Kitchens

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This trademark is white letters against red background. Much of her text questions the viewer about feminism, classicism, consumerism, and individual autonomy and desire. This pertucalar picture 'Gender is irrelevant' has a strong outlook on feminism and equality and gives the impression that women and men are equal and both capable.

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Joker's trademarks are his razor sharp playing cards and the laughing gas Smilex, a chemical that infects his victims with the same ghastly grin as his own.

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Google admits Android security flaw, fixing it

Google admits Android security flaw, fixing it | Google has acknowledged a security flaw in its Android operating system and is working on an instant fix for the problem. Buying advice from the leading technology site

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