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In this cash register game your kiddo − taking on the identity of Caroline − is given a list of items they need to pick up (following directions!), on top of paying for them at the cash register. As a fun aside, they need to avoid the spiders, as well as pick up any diamonds they find along the way. Seems like pretty sound life advice to me:).

Phonics challenge based on Obb and Bob (phonics play). Was further differentiated with different coloured words for different groups of children.

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This cash register game introduces your child to transaction sequences at stores (perfect prep for before they make their actual first purchase in a store) + teaches them how to make change. They will need to scan the items from customers at Olline Mart. Then they need to bag them -- heaviest first so as not to crush them in the bag. Finally, they need to make change based on the cash given to them then give them a receipt. Change amount is given to them. This game is perfect for pre-store…

In this cash register game, your child assumes the role of Harvey, a cashier at Perfect Pets. Harvey is not great at making change, which is where your child comes in. The goal is to make change using the fewest possible coins and bills, mirroring real life (who wants 100 pennies instead of $1.00 bill?). Making Change supports Grade 2 Common Core Math Standards in Measurement and Data.

Cash register games online can help your little one learn how to handle money + prep them for actually paying for an item in a store one day. Cash Out is for ages 7-12, and offers three skills levels. Money skills that are reinforced include recognizing coins and coin values, making change, recognizing currency, and using mental math.