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How even are the NFC East schedules?

  Bob Sturm , dallasnews This is a gameday, so I'm offering a short and quick blog entry, but one that can often be vitally important. The NFL claims to have schedule fairness, and it is much more so than it used to be. Years ago, the schedule would vary plenty to try to keep parity, but nowadays it is far less. Still, though, with today's schedule plans, all things are not equal. 14 of the 16 games are with the same opponents (although location varies) and only two games are determined by how good a team was the previous season. Those two games might make a significant difference. The combination of AFC opponents' locations, where you play them and your division matchup often end up being a pretty big deal. So, today, I wanted to look at the NFC East teams from a simple standpoint of how their schedules may differ. We know that any team in the East will play the same division schedule, so now, what about those other 10 games? We will start with the NFC East Champions, Washington Redskins... Keep Reading  

Washington Redskins 2016 Football Schedule. Print Schedule Here -


The Washington Redskins Organization Needs An Extreme Makeover (By Travis Smith)

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Anthony Brown, The Sports Daily, Redskins Hog Heaven USA Today published its 2016 preseason NFL power ranking. Let’s indulge our curiosity about the Redskins 2016 schedule and rank opponents by the USA Today power ranking. Before Junior Galette’s injury, Hog Heaven projected 8 to 10 wins for the Redskins. With that injury, we back off our projection by one game to 7-9 wins. We will revisit that after we see all four preseason games and the final roster. USA Today ranked all NFC East rivals lower than the Redskins’ power rank. If that holds true, the ‘Skins could sweep the East. If that happens, the Redskins need only to split games with the Cardinals and Panthers and do better against common opponents than division rivals to defend their title. Keep Reading