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Losing kid at the mall || Makes me think of Sips from the Yogscast!


So true! I love the fact that I am selfish for not having any kids but when asked why someone decided to have kids, often their first words are "I wanted..." Hypocrites!


Children are killed because parents can't deal with parenting. I wonder how people can hate our lifestyle choice.

Why are women so ok with surrendering their lives?

Paternity or DNA tests are illegal in France French lifestyle is about freedom and liberty eating chocolate love their art fuck around drink wine... its illegal to get paternity test no matter what...French gov says traditional family collapses if everyone finds out who the real daddy was

Just told my boyfriend that if we never had kids I would be just as happy. He didn't really feel the same..


Anti childfree parenting: pursuit of happiness, instead of moral values, can mislead a human life into becoming social and biological failures.