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Cold and drought drive Black Widows and other arachnids indoors. If you’re in spider country, keep alert while unpacking. #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists


Redbacks are considered one of the most dangerous species of spider in Australia.[2] The redback spider has a neurotoxic venom that is toxic to humans with bites causing severe pain, often for over 24 hours. An antivenom is commercially available, and since its introduction in 1956 there have been no deaths due to Redback bites.


The redback spider (Latrodectus hasseltii) is a dangerous spider endemic to Australia. It is a member of the genus Latrodectus, the widow spiders, which are found throughout the world. The female is easily recognisable by her black body with a prominent red stripe on the upper side (i.e. the back) of her abdomen.


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12. Redback Spider This scary spider can be found in Australia and has recently been recorded to kill a snake.





"Redback spider", is arguably the most famous, or infamous, Australian spider. Similar to the Black Widow, the bite of the redback spider can cause a reaction quite painful and has the power to cause death sometimes.


REDBACK SPIDER Generally found in Australia, these spiders carry lethal neurotoxins which can cause serious harm to a human body and may kill a person if there is no anti-venom available for treatment. Most bites occur during summers and are inflicted by the female redbacks as they are more toxic, larger in size and survive four times longer than a male redback.


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When this person was just super chill about finding a redback spider in their broccoli. | 19 Times Aussies Gave Absolutely No Fucks In 2016

Black Beauty - original hand-pulled, three-colour block print - redback spider - 11cm x 14.5cm image

Black Beauty - original hand pulled block print - redback spider - 11cm x 14.5cm image


SYDNEY, NSW - JANUARY 23: A Redback Spider is pictured at the Australian Reptile Park January 23, 2006 in Sydney, Australia. The Redback, probably Australia's best-known deadly spider is found all over Australia and is a close relative of the Black Widow Spider from the U.S. Only the female Redback is considered dangerous, with their venom containing neurotoxins, which works very slowly. Fatalities, even from untreated bites, are rare. Australia is home to some of the most deadly and…

Moment red belly black snake gets tangled in redback spider's web

Aussie wasp on the hunt for redback spiders

Aussie wasp (Agenioideus nigricornis) parasitizes redback spiders (an Australian relative of the black widow).

The redback is one of the few spider species that can be seriously harmful to humans, and its preferred habitat has led it to being responsible for the large majority of serious spider bites in Australia. Predominantly neurotoxic to vertebrates, the venom gives rise to the syndrome of latrodectism in humans; this starts with pain around the bite site,Generalised symptoms of nausea, vomiting, headache, and agitation may also occur and indicate severe poisoning. Adult male.