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(LAVENDER OIL) GOOD FOR...... •migraines •acne •redness •scarring •stretch marks •inflammation •wrinkles burns •burns and sunburns •other minor sores There is no need to dilute lavender oil before applying to the skin, which sets it apart from other essential oils. ~For more natural skin care products, shop here now


While there are an assortment of creams and over-the-counter medications that can remove stretch marks, most of those products are extremely expensive. They might also make some people question what they are putting on their skin. So try out these 12 home remedies instead!

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Ever suffered from stretch marks that make your skin look visibly red and damaged? DESIblitz looks at some possible remedies and cures that ...


9 Best Stretch Mark Creams to use during pregnancy. Nourish your skin as it grows and prevent those tell tale red marks. Stork Mama


I have suffered from psoriasis since I was 8 years old. This cream is the only thing that helped me. In just weeks it stopped the thick, red and flaky plaques on my legs and arms. I know that this is not a miracle-cure but my body was not sick. It was having a reaction from all of med and scripts that I was taking. I just needed the ingredients in this cream to support my skins immune system to battle against psoriasis,I believe that the cream was not the cure but it helped my skin cured…