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Details about Dogwood Red Twig Shrub 'Cornus stolonifera' Loved by the birds

Red Twig Dogwood and birches, could there be something better in the winter? I plan on this for the walkway little piece of garden in front of the house.

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Red Twig Dogwood (Cornus stolinifera) - Winter Color. Zone 2-8. Red stems in winter, white blossoms in spring, red berries in fall. Fast Growth. Mature height: 6-10 ft.

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1m tall by 1.5m wide golden twig dogwood Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea' from 9cm pot for £6.99

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So beautiful: red twig dogwoods with snowdrops beneath. Wish I'd put snowdrops under my dogwood now.

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Our neighbour grows these well and they are rather spectacular in the spring. Would be great to have seasonal colour in the garden and not just green.

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Woven fence with red dogwood branches. Would this keep the deer out? Or would this be the first course and the apple trees the second?

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Plant Combos with Year-round interest: Red twigged dogwood (Cornus sericea) underlanted with sedge: Carex morrowii 'Fishers Form' looks fantastic even in winter!

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Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea' AGM Preferred common name: Golden-twig dogwood Family: Cornaceae

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Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire', Cornus alba 'Sibirica' and Cornus sericea (ex C. stolonifera)

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