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Red Itchy Rash


8 Common Skin Allergens

If you’ve ever developed a red, itchy rash or a series of blisters after coming…

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The 7 Most Common Causes Of Itchy Red Bumps

The 7 Most Common Causes Of Itchy Red Bumps Here are the most likely causes of your irritating skin rash.

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Red Rash All Over Body

Though rashes are not life-threatening, they can be uncomfortable, painful or extremely itchy. If you have red rash all over body, read the article below for details on its causes and treatments.

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The Most AMAZING Eczema Cream EVER!

The Most AMAZING Eczema Cream EVER! | Her View From Home


Are You Allergic to Your Clothes?

Irritant Contact Dermatitis Some materials and chemicals can cause skin irritation without necessarily causing an allergic reaction. That’s why irritant contact dermatitis is much more common than allergic contact dermatitis. While it can also be caused by materials like wool or latex, it’s more likely to be caused by: Clothing dyes Fabric softener Laundry detergent Soap