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Animal acrobatics: The natural world shows off its ninja moves with spectacular displays of agility

This pair of red-eyed tree frogs did their best to outdo each other with a height contest in Indonesia

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In pictures: Jumping red-eyed tree frogs of Costa Rica by Nicolas Reusens

This red-eyed tree frog could put an Olympic long jumper to shame. Agalychnis callidryas is native to the Neotropical rain forests of Centra America and can leap up to a metre and a half. picture: Nicolas Reusens/Barcroft

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Amazing pictures of red-eyed tree frog catching a lift from his mate

This amazing picture captures the moment two frogs work together to get up a tree - Nicolas Reusens

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I was on some strong pain meds after surgery and could have sworn one of these landed on my bedroom wall ..... I even heard it land. LOL

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The red eyed tree frog is native to Latin America and, like the coqui frog, is also brought to Madagascar.

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Check out this badass ninja! You just know he's got his own theme song playing in his head. > Hanging Around (Peter Reijners)

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What if there was no outcome, no result, no goal?

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