Red blotches on legs

As someone who lives with a mild form of psoriasis, I can attest to the fact that it’s a very emotionally-challenging skin condition. It’s not fun explaining to people why I don’t like wearing shorts. And it’s not exactly glamorous to have to answer people’s questions about why I have red blotches on my legs. Plus, it’s itchy and sometimes even painful.

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The sun was shining today and I felt happy that I didn't turn into a bad mood because I wasn't sipping wine. Instead the sun reminded me how lucky I was to have stopped drinking alcohol. No more puffy eyes red blotches on my face dehydration pins and needles in my arms numb left leg digestion problems panic attacks constant tiredness hiding bottles shaking vomiting lying in bed all day hurting myself from falls hospital visits etc etc.... #alcoholics #alcoholfree #alcoholism…

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Red-legged Frog Scientific name: Rana aurora Classification: Treefrog Description: The Red-legged Frog is a large, true frog with clear dorsolateral ridges. The colour varies from reddish brown to grey and there may be some dark specks or blotches. In northern populations, these dark blotches do not have light centres. The tympanum is indistinct and the toes are not fully webbed. This species may be distinguished from other frogs by the light stripe on its jaw bordering a dark mask and by…

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