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Clonycavan man, 5ft 2 in height, was recovered from a bog in Co. Meath and only his upper torso and head survived. The remains were radiocarbon dated to between 392 BC and 201 BC and, unusually, his hair was spiked with pine resin, a very early form of hair gel. Furthermore, the trees from which the resin was sourced only grow in Spain and south-west France, indicating the presence of long distance trade routes.


STAR GATES: Recent discoveries Deep in the mountains of Kurdistan laid in caves for thousands of years here as one of the oldest civilisations known to man. “The Persian legend has it that of those young men who were saved from the voracity of the monster ZOHAK of the Persian mythology, which were fed upon human brains?? Read more:

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Xenomorph Discovered Guarding 13th Century Abbey [Pic]

Paisley Abbey was originally founded in 1245, and rebuilt in the early 1300s, and the recent “discovery” of an Alien-like gargoyle has inspired considerable media speculation about the sculptor’s extraterrestrial influences. However, following pictures of the Alien-gargoyle appearing on-line and in news reports, it has been revealed that the Abbey had some renovations in the 1990s, which included many of the original gargoyles being replaced.

The 2200 year old hand of Old Croghan man - An Irish bog mummy. Old Croghan man was found in a bog beneath Croghan Hill in Co. Offaly and based on radiocarbon dating he died sometime between 362 BC and 175 BC . He was extremely tall measuring 6ft 6 in height and had well manicured hands suggesting that he was not used to manual labour. His last meal (analysed from the contents in his stomach) consisted of cereals and milk

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Xenomorph Discovered Guarding 13th Century Abbey [Pic]

Shieldmaiden, A shieldmaiden was a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior in Scandinavian folklore and mythology. They are often mentioned in sagas such as Hervarar saga and in Gesta Danorum.