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International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). (Received Pronunciation or RP, the accent native to parts of south-east England and often misconstrued as the 'educated accent' of the UK).


atticism: concise and elegant expression, diction, or the like. the style or idiom of Attic Greek occurring in another dialect or language. attachment to Athens or to the style, customs, etc., of the Athenians.

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How to Speak in a British Accent

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Queen's SPeech Video and Full transcript. Past simple irregular and irregular verbs and a little received pronunciation from 1957!!!


"Mind the Gap" was introduced on the Tube in 1969. Currently the message "Please mind the gap between the train and the platform." is piped into the arriving train carriages, but it used to be broadcast over the station PA repetitively, in BBC-style received pronunciation. "Mind the ge-yap!" Much to the delight of visiting tourists. It was actually the sound engineer's voice, as the actor originally cast wanted royalties. Bank station on the Central Line is one place where it can be heard.


Prince William's cut-glass accent is a little less polished than Kate Middleton's

The neutral English accent of received pronunciation has evolved into a new modern form spoken by Prince William while his wife the Duchess of Cambridge uses the more traditional version.