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Real Mom Pics

Hahah mom this is my cats say to you lmao @Gena Schocke

Puta la wea, parece que no voy a dormir así

from Paranormal 360

Real Ghost Pictures: The Lost Little Boy In The Old Elementary School

pinner said; I grew up in a small, rural town in between mountains. A couple of years ago, they were tearing down an old elementary school. A guy my mom knew went in and took pics with his cell phone. When he uploaded them, this was one of the pictures. I don’t believe in stuff like this at all. I just really don’t know how to explain it since it was a cell phone pic and I’m pretty sure that no one in my podunk hometown knows how to make fake pics. Via source

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" Yawn.... If a things worf doin', somebody else already done did it....."


I like to hide in the branches of the Christmas Tree and scare Mom to death. It's also good cover to hide from stupid Siri and Layla.