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Characteristics of a Good Real Estate Agent

There's a big difference between a mediocre real estate agent and a good real estate agent. Knowing what separates the two can make or break a real estate career. Good real estate agents get all the clients and sales. There's a lot of competition out there in the real estate field, so it's crucial that you do everything possible to rise above the rest. To point you in the right direction, here's a list of characteristics of good real estate agents: ♦ Good real estate agents are good ...

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How to Make $100,000 + Your First Year as a Real Estate Agent (Paperback)

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Are you struggling in real estate? These are the things you need to focus on to have a healthy real estate business. I break down a core business model

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How to Pass Your Real Estate License Exam the First Time: Taking the Test |

Top Real Estate Agents Reveal the Daily Routines that Makes Them So Successful. Why are some agents successful, and other real estate agents unsuccessful?

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