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How different factors can affect how quickly a reaction happens is a common topic in the chemistry curriculum. This graphic serves as a convenient summary for teachers and students alike of what th…


Reactions & Rates simulation from PhET: students can explore how the rate of reaction changes with concentrations and temperature

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What Does a Catalyst Do in a Chemical Reaction?

What Does a Catalyst Do in a Chemical Reaction?: A catalyst permits a different energy pathway for a chemical reaction which has a lower activation energy. The catalyst is not consumed in the chemical reaction.


Graphical Representations of Reaction Rates - Explained

Reaction Rate Sample Problems

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Enzyme Lab: A Paper and Scissors Group Simulation

Enzyme Lab with just paper, scissors, and some sort of time keeper. Students will truly understand enzyme specificity and learn how to graph reaction rates!

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Lab: Increasing Reaction Rates

In this lab, students can explore the affect of concentration on a reaction rate. Students observe the reaction between vinegar and baking soda when vinegar is

Science Matters: Rate of Reaction: Glow Sticks

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Laboratory 12.4: Determine the Effect of a Catalyst on Reaction Rate

Setting Up a Home Science Laboratory Part III Chemicals on the Cheap