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Affordable, DIY, No sew Wingback Chair Re-upholster

This tutorial on how to re-upholster a wingback chair has great pictures and tips to save money. If you are considering a re-upholster project, you have to check this out!

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How to Reupholster a Chair

if you have worn-out chair seats, you can easily re-cover them. make a mistake? no problem. just pull a few staples and start over. reupholstering is a great way to bring tired-looking chairs—even tired-looking rooms—back to life. the materials are relatively inexpensive, the tools are simple and it’s a project almost anyone cantackle with success.

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DIY: Re-Upholster Your Parsons Dining Chairs (Tips From A Pro)

In the nineties, I worked at a custom furniture manufacturer. I upholstered sooooo maaaaany Parsons chairs that I almost shudder feel nostalgic when I see them now. Parsons dining chairs are fairly...

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