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Stunning, pin-sharp images of the final 55 airworthy Spitfires

Camouflaged: Spitfire MT928 was built as MV154 at Southampton in 1944. She was delivered to 6 MU (Maintenance Unit) on September 15, 1944 from where she started a long trip by boat to Sydney, Australia where she arrived on November 24 the same year

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Flying Boats and Seaplanes / flying boats and their wonderful ability to land on reasonably calm water ( Although the floatations devices and hull can cope with choppy waters if required BUT that means a strap yourself down, bumpy ride for passengers !! This is the best form of travel for well off commercial flyers, as they FLY BELOW CLOUDBASE so you can see where your passing over all the time (unless it's foggy etc) and landing on water is a unique experience that only a few people get to…

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Edwardian Pond Yacht. 1901 to 1910 tailed boat.with lead keel and brass fitments.

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Here the ad is campaigning Spring/Summer in 1991. The model is in summer clothing, on a boat, and looking fashionably comfortable. The colours are all soft and similar toned, therefore complimenting each other. Her skin is tanned, making her as an object stand out. Also to signify that it is a warm season of the year. The male in the background may suggest that she is attractive or either overruling him.

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