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SRV's Rig...the rig I've been trying to replicate on a small scale for years- Shared by The Lewis Hamilton Band -

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Stevie Ray Vaughan was a powerful and emotional player of the Texas blues. This man had soul flowing out of his hands.

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Fender SRV Strat -- the bends, pulls and notes played on this guitar, some of the best in the history of all music. Rave on Stevie...

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RIP Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitarist, singer, songwriter and record producer. Often referred to by his initials SRV, Vaughan is best known as a founding member and leader of Double Trouble. Born in Dallas

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Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan #1 Replica Stratocaster. If you get on stage carrying this axe you better know how to play.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan. Saw him with Double Trouble, July 11, 1981 at South Texas Tornado Jam, Manor Downs, Austin, with the Joe Ely Band, Delbert McClinton, and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN THE FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS AL KOOPER

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"Number One" Acquired by Stevie in 1974 from Ray Hennig’s Heart of Texas Music, Austin, Texas. Price: $0; value now estimated at $1,000,000. Age: Number One was disassembled by Fender Custom Shop employees in 2003, and they stated that the neck is from December ’62 and the body is a ’63. So Number One can rightly be called a ’63 Strat. Pickups are 1959, which is why Stevie referred to it as a ’59.

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