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That’s so Raven…

Raven Symone. I'm ready for that come back. She was hilarious and she had a really good voice.


raven symone hairstyles

There are not too many hairstyles that does not look good on Raven Symone. She has had that cute lovable smile since her days on The Cosby Show and from pigtails to long layers of hair, Raven has the face that can wear it all.

New addition to my role models: Raven Symone. I adored you as a child, and I continue to love you today.


Raven Symone. In response to being complimented on how beautiful she looked after losing weight, she responded: "I was always beautiful, now I'm just thin."


uh huh. now i know what YOU mean when you ask for a "spirit-filled" woman... i knew your porn obviously wasn't godly; it didn't cross my mind to assume you wanted demonic women, but i should have guessed from the women you cheat and fornicate with...