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Plump Raven makes your teeny teen go titan.


Character: Raven / From: DC Comics 'Teen Titans' / Cosplayer: Blossom of Faelivrin (aka Jasmin Skellington) / Photo: Derps Hobby Made #cosplay


New Free Pattern: The Long Hooded Cape

The Red Riding Hood Cape is one of my most popular. But the one complaint I get about the easy to sew half cape - is that it's a half cape. I kept getting asked how to make it longer or to re draft the pattern to make it longer. Well I am pleased to announce that I now offer a full length circular cape - the Long Hooded cape. Dramatic and great for running around during Halloween this cape comes in two length to make it a perfect fit for adults. You can grab the free pattern here. As


BODYSUIT BLACK SMALL Chassé (Raven Teen Titans cosplay)


I cast my gems out of Castin’ Craft’s Easy Cast epoxy resin. I use the transparent dye.I’ve got a full picture of the gems here. 2. Once all the gems were cast and good, I took a Dremel and cut notches into the sides of each gem so the chain of the belt would fit there. Do this only for the belt ones! The brooch I dremeled down the edges a bit so


Perfect Raven and Beast Boy cosplay