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Remembering when I was the Dormouse in the children's production of "Alice" based off of Lewis Carol's "Alice in Wonderland." Oh...the memories <3

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Cheesecake! - This was a copy of another CC cake, but I added my own touches by icing the board to look like a chopping board. Regular sponge cake. This was a joke for me and a group of friends. When we were 14 we had dinner together and I provided the pudding, a cheesecake. But it was rubbish and never set. So 12 years on we had another dinner together and I brought another cheesecake with a twist! :)

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Raymond, aka Dumbo. Is a mutant with the powers to turn into any animal, but is stuck in animal form. He usually takes the form of a baby brown rat or a red panda. (Baby Dumbo Rat.)

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in a picture, in a book, in a mouse house, just not running around loose in my house. But still adorable.

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I have always said that there is nothing I love in life more than Star Wars except Disney (though now I don’t really need to choose anymore because they are one and the same thing – yay!) In ...

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Rat castle @Katie Hrubec Dougherty I think the guys need to make these this weekend.

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