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Raspberry Pi: Bastelrechner bekommt Pixel-Desktop

Der Login-Dialog nutzt ebenfalls das eingestellte Wallpaper (Bild: Raspberry Pi Foundation)


Beautify Raspberry Pi Login Screen

IntroductionThe login screen that greets the user can be modified to make it more interesting and colourful. The login sccreen and greeter means the same thing in this instructable. Scope This instructable will show how to: Change image on greeter Add text messagesPrerequisite Raspberry Pi running Raspbian OSRaspbian OS is configured to operate in multi-user modeWarning If your configuration file is incorrectly modified, your Raspberry Pi will not display the login screen and since the no one can login without the greeter/login screen, the Raspberry PI will not function. If this happens, use another machine to rectify any mistake by mounting the Raspberry Pi's SD card onto that machine and correcting the configuration file. This instructable is not for the faint-heartedReferenceArcticdog’s Kennel blog was of great help to me. It is a good idea to read it.

How to ssh into your raspberry pi 1) download puTTY 2) go to raspberry pi terminal 3) type ifconfig 4) find IP address under inet addr 5) type your IP address in puTTY 6) login on putty