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Beautiful wolf wondering about a butterfly. Latin word for “wolf,” since many patients have a red face-rash in a shape similar to the facial markings of a wolf. Its cause remains unknown. #Lupusawareness


Eczema- natural remedies. Try it! Repinned by

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10 Signs You Have an Autoimmune Disease (and How to Reverse It)

Autoimmune conditions affect over 50 million Americans, a large percentage of whom are women. But what are they, what causes them, and how can they be treated?


Stress Management is key to good health. A combination of some of these helps.


Comfrey plant, a most valued healing plant. Merely placing a leaf of this plant on a sprain or bruise causes faster healing.


I'm a new mum and am keen to get my baby used to the water. How soon can I take him swimming? - BabyCentre

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Get Rid of Eczema using Apple Cider Vinegar

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for Eczema: From the above-mentioned properties, you came to know that ACV is an effective remedy for eczema but it is equally important to know how to use ACV properly. Method – 4: (Apple Cider Vinegar with Baking Soda) Baking soda exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells on its surface and soothes the skin to reduce rashes and inflammation caused on the affected skin areas. This combination balances the pH levels and helps for faster relief.

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Exclusive 'Zoo' poster claims that 'the wild shall inherit the earth'

Based on James Patterson's bestselling novel, CBS's new summer series Zoo is all about the eye of the ... lion? At least, that's the takeaway from the show's key art, which EW is premiering exclusively. Only thing that bugs me is their pros on animals and negatives on guns.


Extracts of bay laurel can be used as a reasonable salve for open wounds. In massage therapy, the essential oil of bay laurel is reputed to alleviate arthritis and rheumatism, while in aromatherapy, it is used to treat earaches and high blood pressure. A traditional folk remedy for rashes caused by poison ivy, poison oak, and stinging nettle is a poultice soaked in boiled bay leaves.