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Redheads+should+always+feel+extraordinary.+Here+are+11+reasons+why+you+should+be+thankful+you+have+red+hair: 1.+You+have+the+rarest+hair+color+on+the+planet. Oh+yes.+And+you+know+it+too!

Redhair + blueeyes = as rare as a four leaf clover I must be as rare as a four leaf clover then. Yay me!!!!!


Michigan twins featured in book about rare red hair

Twins Cooper and Payton Otto are seen in Convis Township, Mich., Oct. 23, 2009. The redhead twins are featured in an 88-page book featuring photos and descriptions of 400 redhead children. It also includes fun facts about redheads, such as that it is a recessive gene and the rarest hair color in the world

Redheads should always feel extraordinary. Here are 11 reasons why you should be thankful you have red hair: 1. You have the rarest hair color on the planet. Oh yes. And you know it too! 2. You will never go gray. Blondes & brunettes, be jealous. 3. You have beautiful porcelain skin. And you will …

Celebrities With Red Hair