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Rare 50p Coins Value

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The Kew 50p coin that could be worth 200 times its face value

Have you got a £120 coin in your pocket? The 50p piece worth 200 times its face value - and one in 300 of us has one

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Valuable coins revealed: Why that 2p could be worth £1,400

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How much is the new Kew Gardens 50pm worth? Plus 7 other coins worth a fortune

A special 50p piece featuring Kew Gardens is now changing hands for £24 as collectors try to snap them up


The 10 most expensive coins in the world: in pictures

5th:Queen Elizabeth II Sold for $4m The world’s largest gold coin (weighing a hefty 100 kilos) was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, with maple leaves on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other. It fetched $4m in an auction at the Dorotheum auction house, Austria, despite its face value being just $1m. Its purity is 99.999pc, the purest type in the market.


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Rare Kew Gardens 50p coin now worth £120

The currency was minted to mark the 250th anniversary of the Royal Botanic Gardens - and collectors appear willing to pay more than 200 times its face value

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If you have one of these 50p coins you could be sitting on a fortune

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