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30 Things You Had No Idea You Needed

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Top 30 Humor Minion Quotes

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I have consumer science at school we sewed, cooked, baked and talked about money and chevks

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finding quiet in the wild. a different kind of personal style, photography, and travel blog

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22 Jokes About Motivation That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

This spot-on description that's just too real:

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""Elevator music" is a widely known concept, yet I've never been in an elevator that plays music "

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"I don't like sharing my music because it's like my personal journal, so if you don't like my songs it's as though you're rejecting me as a person...."

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"My sarcasm will probably get me killed. One day someone could hold a knife to me and I'd probably say "what are you gonna do, stab me?""

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"I'm that person in the corner pretending to space out when I'm actually listening to every conversation around me within a ten yard radius"

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